Real Feather Hair Extensions New York

Real Feather Hair Extensions is a crazy boulder trend that many people happen to be obsessed with. They are clamped in like hair extensions and last over two months. For more than 18 years, since the day we started, PatriciaNew York Real Feather hair Extensions Salon business has done nothing but becoming expert in the field of real feather hair extensions and all types of hair related services and our hair specialists will always desire to maintain our reputation as a top real feather hair extension salon in New York.

Real Feather Hair Extensions New York are made from the real feathers of farm-raised roosters meticulously hand-selected and sorted. They easily attach to the hair and last for up to four months of washing, blow-drying, brushing, straightening and curling. Quality construction of each individual bundle allows you to achieve a look and keep it for weeks. You can attach Real Feather Hair Extensions quickly and easily. Just pull a few strands of hair along with the feather extension through the silicon-lined micro-link. Crimp it with the hair extension clamp and you're done.

These feathers are bonded to your hair with titanium beads, easy to set for up to 6 weeks, and easy to remove when you're ready for your next color or feather. You can treat the fine feathers. As you would your own hair, you can wash, blow dry, flat iron and even curl. Your friends will notice these delicate adornments as well; they will probably want to follow in your fashion forward footsteps.

Real Feather Hair Extensions New York are fun as they add a totally unique dimension to your hair and look wonderful for a very reasonable price, so come to our Patricia Real Feather Hair Extensions Salon in New York to have some fun today with your hair. It's a popular trend and even Hollywood stars like Jennifer Love Hewitt are getting in on the act of wearing real feather hair extensions. We charge $15 a feather, that includes the feather extension and install. We have a wide range of feather extensions, all sizes, shapes, colors, real feathers. These high quality hair feathers last for up to four months. And don't worry, you can still wash, blow-dry, brush, straighten and curl your hair!

Real Feather Hair Extensions New York is also very easy to work with. In Patricia Real Feather Hair Extensions Salon in New York, our hair experts clean them gently with a mild shampoo and use a brush or comb try to avoid tugging too hard at the root. Heat styling your extensions is all right too, but it's probably better to use a lower temperature setting so as not to damage the feathers or indeed your own hair too much. Should you consider buying a feather hair extensions which are readily available you can choose from a wide choice of hair feathers and different colors shapes and sizes from long and thin to short and wide. You can also cut and trim them as required, as well as style them as you normally would any other hair extensions.

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